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Kitchener Chiropractor’s Welcome Space Age Technology

Westheights Chiropractic Clinic of Kitchener Waterloo is among a growing number of chiropractic doctors that have upgraded their level of care to include technology that has benefited Super Bowl champions, Olympic gold medalists, and numerous A-list celebrities.  An earlier version of sEMG technology was even used in the space program.

“You don’t have to be an astronaut or a world-class athlete to want your body operating efficiently. This technology will allow us to have a greater impact on the overall health of our community,” said Westheights Chiropractic’s Dr.’s Ryan Rullitis and Robert Kniess.

The Insight Discovery Subluxation Station was developed by Chiropractic Leadership Alliance (CLA), a New Jersey-based company, and has been certified by The Space Foundation, a non-profit agency founded in cooperation with NASA.  The Insight allows chiropractors to scan their patients’ neurospinal health. These scans easily and accurately identify areas of nerve interference that may be preventing one’s nervous system from operating efficiently. When one’s nervous system is functioning at peak capacity, the human body has more energy, a greater resistance to disease and less need for pain. Once pinpointed via the technology, chiropractic adjustments are then utilized to remove the area(s) of nerve disruption.

NASA used an earlier version of sEMG technology on two shuttle missions—STS48 and STS50—to evaluate the physical attributes of astronauts.The space agency and CLA were recently praised on Capitol Hill for introducing this technology to the general public.

“Lost in the romanticism of space travel is NASA’s development of technologies that are changing – if not saving – lives,” stated Representative Nick Lampson (D-TX), who leads the effort to increase government funding for space exploration and scientific technology development.

Westheights Chiropractic’s investment comes at a time when chiropractic’s popularity is rising while an over-medicated public has become wary of the pharmaceutical industry.

“We can now offer proof as to the need for care and the progress that one makes while under care. The short story is, we’re changing lives,” concluded Rullitis and Kniess.

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