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Keep Your Health on Track During the Holidays & New Year

family hiking near a lakeFrom eleventh-hour shopping and gift wrapping to juggling job demands and family duties, it’s no wonder so many are stressed during the holiday season. While it’s impossible to eliminate every stressor, chiropractic care can help keep you at ease.

Stress & Subluxations

When stressors enter the body, physical, chemical or emotional mental stress can cause subluxations of the spine, which are misalignments. When that happens, it will impact the nerves coming out of tiny holes from your spinal column. When those nerves aren’t functioning properly and stress is coming into your body, the stress overloads your nervous system. As a result, we can feel fatigued and drained.

How an Adjustment Helps

The nervous system is the most important system of the body. It controls every cell, tissue and organ of your body. Through chiropractic adjustment, we can remove interference so your nervous system and body can be healthy and function as they should.

Moderation Is Key

While it’s important to eat healthily, there’s a time and place for moderation. So enjoy some delicious holiday meals or that favorite Christmas cookie, and get back on track in the New Year. Dr. Ryan has made a big change in his nutrition over the last two years, and it’s paid off tremendously.

Resolve to Make Small Changes

Instead of making several New Year’s resolutions that seem daunting, resolve to incorporate some smaller healthy habits into your wellness regimen. Here are some examples:

  • Move More. Frequent bursts of movement can go a long way toward improving health. Take the stairs versus the elevator. During commercials, do a set of sit-ups, push-ups, or other types of exercise. Go for a brisk walk during your lunch break.
  • Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate. Most people don’t drink enough water each day. An easy way to get enough H2O is by filling a reusable water bottle and drinking throughout the day.
  • Ditch the Diet. Instead of going on a diet, choose a sustainable eating plan. We recommend adding more colorful vegetables and fruits to your diet and reducing processed foods, particularly those high in sugar.

Book an appointment today. We want to help you enjoy a healthier and happier holiday season and New Year!


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