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Meet the Team at Westheights Chiropractic

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Ema, Front Desk Receptionist

It is with passion every morning when my feet hit the floor that I come to Westheights Chiropractic to serve you. I have served at Westheights Chiropractic since October 1, 1989. I still remember that phone call welcoming me aboard, but wait I knew nothing about chiropractic or even what a chiropractor does. All I could feel at that moment was that I was about to embark on an amazing life experience. I have had the honour of seeing practice members receive their first adjustments while in their mother’s womb right through to their wedding day. Over the years and still to this day I continue to witness many miracles. People’s lives changing due to a healthy nervous systems. I have been blessed with three beautiful children whom I dearly love and a little precious puppy named Oreo.

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Art has always been something I love to do and in our office I have the privilege every month to create a practice member appreciation birthday board. I love to study the Bible and my new found hobby is bike riding. Please click on the link below to see Ema’s monthly birthday board creations. Here at Westheights Chiropractic, through the power of a chiropractic adjustment we continue to touch so many people in a positive way. I invite you to join our family. My desire for you is that we may be a part of a change in your life, in a healthy positive way through the power of chiropractic.


Angela, Chiropractic Clinical Health Care Assistant

I am elated to have been welcomed in to the Westheights Chiropractic family! Finding my place at Westheights Chiropractic has been an incredible step in my life’s path. I knew from the moment I walked into this office, with the energy alone, this is where I wanted to be. I’m proud to be a part of this team.

I am blessed to have a very beautiful family. Married to my hard-working husband, Ryan. We have three pretty awesome kids: Hayden, Owen and Olivia. Our family also includes 3 dogs, and Pico the bearded dragon. Although sometimes chaotic, we live very happy and active lives, staying busy with many sports and activities. Lacrosse or hockey are generally always on our schedules.

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My passion and drive are directed at improving the wellbeing of myself and others. My knowledge and understanding in weight training has allowed for greater development and educational opportunities. In pairing exercise and nutritional guidance with a motivated mind, you create a better version of yourself in optimized living. By making and embracing the choice to better your health, you already begin to experience the changes towards achieving wellness.

I encourage everyone to take a step in bettering yourself. Chiropractic care is a necessary tool in maintaining a healthy overall structure and functioning nervous system. Take charge of your own wellbeing, and in turn, increase your longevity by adding a heightened quality of life from the inside out. I look forward to meeting everyone and joining in on your milestones and miracles!


Kathy, Front Desk Receptionist

I am so excited to join the inspired and passionate team at Westheights Chiropractic. I have been honoured to work for chiropractors since 1997. It has been a privilege of mine to be a part of so many peoples’ journeys to wellness. I have learned over the years that the spine protects the most important system of the body, the nervous system. The nervous system is the communication highway between the brain and body. When the highway is “blocked”, your body doesn’t have the ability to self heal properly. Removing the nerve interference by correcting spinal subluxations, allows health to return to its optimal level. I love seeing these miracles happen everyday!

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I have been married for over 25 years to my wonderful husband, Neil. We have a fabulous daughter, Charlotte, who attends Wilfrid Laurier University. Our family also includes Scamp, a wire-haired dachshund and Figment, a black, extreme dilute, ethically bred, long haired Syrian hamster. I love cooking, baking, reading, singing, skating, walking and spending time at our cottage in Sauble Beach. Our family has an obsession with all things Disney!!

A big thank you to all the practice members for welcoming me into the Westheights Chiropractic family. I am thrilled to help you on your journey to wellness!


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