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Pediatric Chiropractic in Kitchener

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You may be wondering why children would need chiropractic care. After all, they aren’t likely to be complaining of back pain. Due to the birth process, some traumas can be involved, whether from the natural process or a C-section with interventions such as suction, vacuum or forceps. All of these can be traumatic for the baby. That’s why it’s important to make sure the spine is aligned optimally to provide the nervous system with optimal function right from birth.

How Kids May Benefit From Chiropractic

Chiropractic care is particularly important during the developmental years to make sure that a child is provided the most optimal environment to succeed and develop properly.

As little ones start to develop, crawl and walk, they’re falling right on their bottoms and, the spine can then get subluxated too.
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Some of the main health benefits associated with pediatric chiropractic are helping the nervous system to be in a state where it should be and for optimal immune system function as well.
  • Knowing how my son was feeling before seeking chiropractic care to how he is feeling now has been such a huge improvement! I felt that there was hope for me!
    -Caroline K.
  • Everyone is so warm, welcoming & kind, we were very pleased. I was honestly nervous for my daughter and I’s appointments but that nervousness melted away the second Angela greeted us. She did a wonderful job at making my daughter and I comfortable, as did Dr. Ryan. My daughter is usually super nervous around new people but she was comfortable with Angela and Dr. Ryan. Looking forward to our future appointments!
    -Hazel Z.

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Providing Gentle Adjustments

You may wonder if we adjust children the same way as adults. Definitely not! We provide highly gentle adjustments using the Activator®, which is an instrument, and light-force adjusting by hand.

Putting Children at Ease

If your child has never been adjusted they may not know what to expect. One of the ways we help kids to feel comfortable is by building a rapport with them. Our chiropractors have children themselves so they know how to relate to kids of all ages. By getting down on a child's level, our doctors can help them feel comfortable.

We also have a positive and upbeat practice environment that's fun to be in. Our staff members love kids and will ensure they feel comfortable at every visit. Kids enjoy coming here for care!

Another reason why children enjoy coming to the office is they get to be involved with their care. We even have toy Activator adjusting instruments in our office. So kids can pretend that they’re the chiropractor. They can pretend to “adjust” their mom or dad or brother or sister.

So let’s say it’s a mom’s, dad’s or sibling’s turn to get adjusted. We involve the child in the adjustment process. So your youngster can help Dr. Ryan or Dr. Aaron detect and locate where the misalignments are and show your child where they need to “adjust” their mom, dad, brother and sister. Kids also have an opportunity to “adjust” their chiropractor, so when it comes time for them to get adjusted they’re used to it.

How do you adjust infants?

Very gently. We use only about the amount of pressure that’s used to check a tomato for ripeness.

When should I bring my baby to the office to get adjusted?

Because the birth process can be difficult on a baby, we recommend that you bring your infant in as soon as possible so we can identify and remove any subluxation that may be present in their nervous system.

Will my child need to wait long for their appointment?

No, there’s no waiting, which can help prevent kids from getting impatient or irritable. We pride ourselves on running on schedule the majority of the time.

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